#6 - Weekend Recap - October 3-5

Hi Friends! It's Monday again, but I feel pretty rejuvenated from this weekend.  (Note to Self: Take more pictures with people and less of food...)

Friday: We met some friends for dinner at Bakersfield (we were actually planning on going to The Eagle, but they had to leave early and Bakersfield had tables first shockingly enough) and dessert at Holtmans - my 2 OTR favorites.  Then we tried to see Gone Girl, but every single showing was sold out when we got there, so naturally we went to Target instead and got Daphne several costumes (none of which fit) and watched Shark Tank instead.

Saturday: Grant has 2 test and 2 projects due this week, so I just had a semi-bachelorette weekend.  I spent about 5 hour on my couch catching up on all my shows from the week.  It was delightful.  Grant took a little study break during that, and we walked to the elementary school down the street so Daphne could run around and play on the playground ha.  And then I had the most fabulous dinner with some new Junior League friends.  Roasted lamb, Coq Au Vin, beet and goat cheese salad; I could go on, but it was absolutely amazing and I felt very lucky to be included!

Sunday: This was a day of friends.  Bright and early I started out the day doing Piloxing (A non-stop, cardio fusion of standing pilates, boxing and dance that will push you past your limits.  Uh yeah.) with my Girls on the Run friends at Athleta at Kenwood.  It was just as hard as it sounds and the woman who taught the class was ripped, so it obviously works.  I then went and ate all those calories I burned at Taste of Belgium with Ashley; delicious per usual.  (I totally forgot to take a picture of us, so imagine the chicken and waffles are me and the healthy fruit parfait is Ashley)  And rounded out the afternoon with a walk at Ault Park and then the Hyde Park Art Show with Alicia, Natalie and a bratty little dog who wouldn't pose for a picture.

The colors are starting to change and I think by next weekend it will be absolutely beautiful.  My fitbit said I "Nailed it" yesterday, and I think I did all weekend.

Enjoy my favorite song this week!