#5 - Hosting a Baby Shower

Happy Sunday friends! I'm now smack dab in the season of babies.  Not for us, but for all of our friends and it's one of my favorite things celebrating all these new kiddos and their sweet mamas.  I love to have beautiful gatherings at my home, but I am all about ease over Martha Stewart perfection.  I want everyone who walks through my door to feel welcome and loved; not that I care more about how my party looks than my guests.

I want to share some events I've hosted so that you feel inspired to welcome people into your home; to give you some tips that hopefully make it less stressful, because I know everyone's gift is not hosting.  

Invite someone over this week! Even if it's just one person, even if your house isn't perfect.  Let's not let fear stop us from inviting people into our messy homes and our messy hearts. 


I do pretty simple decorations - a beautiful flower arrangement, a banner, and something hanging from my chandler.  I wish I was more gifted in this arena, but for some reason decorations are usually an afterthought to me.  When I do manage to plan it out before hand, it helps when you have a sweet husband who will cover himself in glitter in the name of baby shower decorations.


My traditional menu for a baby shower is:

  • Chicken Salad Sandwiches on croissants
  • Red Bliss Potato Salad from Whole Foods - so good, I wish I had the recipe
  • Some other sort of salad
  • Fruit Skewers in a rainbow
  • Veggie Tray with hummus
  • Cupcakes
  • Mimosas and Pink Lemonade 

I may mix it up sometimes, but I know this menu is usually a winner and allows me to be a good hostess because I can interact with my guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

I don't love weird baby shower games, so I try to find things that aren't super embarrassing or gross.  Here's a couple of fun games that both younger and older guests will enjoy.

Finish the Nursery Rhyme
- Everyone find a partner
- Hand out the printed out beginnings of nursery rhymes
- Start the timer for 1 minute and everyone try to complete the next line of as many nursery rhymes as possible.
- Read out the answers and marvel at how disturbing some nursery rhymes really are!
-  Here is the link to download the sheets!

Draw the Baby
- Handout a sturdy paper plate and a pen to each person
- Have everyone put the plate on top of their head and draw each thing you call out (don't tell them how many points each thing is worth)
- Draw:
   - Lets draw a room first, a floor, a window, maybe some decorations (1 pt for each no limit)
   - The baby is sitting on that floor (1 pt for the baby, 1 pt if the baby is sitting on the floor)
   - Put a diaper and some clothing on the baby (2 pts if the diaper is on the baby and 1 pt for each piece of clothing on the baby no limit)
   - The baby is hungry, give it a bottle (1 pt for the bottle, 1 pt if the bottle is touching the baby)
   - The baby also needs something to play with, give him some toys (1 pt for each toy, a bonus pt for each toy touching the floor no limit)
- Let everyone look and compare their ridiculous drawings! Have people tally up points.  I usually give 2 prizes: 1 for the most points and 1 for the voted on best drawing.

Check back in Tuesday where I'll share some baby shower invitations! And if you're looking for an invitation for an upcoming event, I would love to work with you to design one or head over to my Etsy shop!