IVF - Days 1 & 2

February 5th finally came yesterday, and we are officially off and going with IVF.


Thoughts so far:

  • The IVF Meds Education "day" all goes out the window when you're standing in your kitchen at 11pm at night trying to remember how to assemble all the darn pieces to mix Menopur.  P.S. Why can't this just come premixed??
  • Ice is surprisingly more effective than I expected for numbing.  I don't know why this surprised me.  Probably because I've never been motivated to keep an ice cube on my skin longer than necessary, and the Menopur burning was that motivation.
  • I have absolutely no issues with needles, and used to give blood quite frequently, but getting shots in my kitchen makes me want to throw up.

The shots really aren't that bad, so far.  I still continue to stress thinking about that PIO shot everyday for weeks and weeks, but I probably shouldn't borrow trouble.

Tomorrow's my first blood work, and possibly ultrasound? I honestly can't remember.  It's crazy to think that in 10-12 days there could be little embryos.  That we could technically be parents.  This is such a strange experience.

I decided this weekend I would build some built-in shelves in our upstairs hallway.  That should take me approximately the rest of the month to complete, so while I'm making a baby, I'll also make some shelves to distract myself.  I'll come out of the month with at least one thing to show for it.

Start of shelves. Start of baby.

Start of shelves. Start of baby.