Dear Babies...

Dear Little Babies,

That is a crazy thing to write - babies - 2!  We walked into the doctor yesterday with every intention of only transferring one of you, but you both were beautiful and ready to go, so in you both went.  Then we drove back down to Cincinnati as a family of 4. 

I thought I'd keep you all updated as we progress through these next 9 days when things are so hopeful and so uncertain.

0dp5dt - Before the transfer the doctor gave us a little picture of you both - your first baby picture! The picture was taken at 7:13am, and by the time we were actually in ready to do the transfer at 11, the doctor said you had actually developed a lot more in just those short few hours.  You were officially transferred at 11:11, according to Dr. Groll, which he and I think is good luck and your dad thinks means we will for sure be having twins! I think you're just hanging out, floating around in there for the next 2 days before you officially implant.  I hope you're continuing to grow and scouting out the very best place to live the next 9 months! P.S. your dad is getting pretty good at the PIO shots -  I can hardly feel them anymore and there was no blood today!

1dp5dt - Today we find out how your siblings are doing and how many of them will be frozen until we're ready for a sibling.  There are 5 potential embryos today, and although it's very unlikely that all 5 will stay strong, we expect a couple.  Or maybe none.  Maybe you 2 are our only precious miracles, and that's ok too.  Another day of floating.  Tomorrow you should be finding your residence, and I (and SO many other people - you are oh so very loved already) are praying that you're both in it for the long term!

God, I thank you for listening and very specifically answer prayers.  I thank you for these two little embryos that are growing and hopefully getting ready to attach to my uterus and become our babies.  I thank you and trust that you have a good plan for us and that you will work this all together for Your good and glory.  I pray that you would continue to watch over these babies and help them to grow strong and healthy.  That they find the perfect place to settle in for 9 months, and that we would be blessed to know and raise them in Your Name.  I pray for the other 9 little embryos that we'll never meet on earth, that this is your plan and your plan is always good.  Please give us peace and help me to be the best environment possible for these babies.  In Your Name I pray.  Amen. 

6dp5dt - I've been so bad about updating.  But there really hasn't been to much to update.  I pretty much feel back to my normal self, with the exception of a few side effects, I think, of the PIO shots.  We're praying, as are SO many other people, that you 2 are now firmly implanted in my uterus and growing, growing, growing.  I'm trying to restrain myself from taking a pregnancy test, but I woke up this morning at 4:45 unable to fall back asleep - stressed that one or both of you has not attached, and also for this work presentation this morning.  So I got up, finished my documentation, read about the Oscar debacle (can't believe LaLa Land did not win! conspiracy!), and now I'm about to get ready for work and head back up to Dayton.  I haven't been up there since we went up and got you two! I think I'll probably test tomorrow, just so I can stop feeling sick.  The official test is just 3 days away now! Hoping and praying for a positive.  I can't wait to meet you!

God, I pray for your peace which transcends all understanding.  I thank you that you are a good and awesome God who has a sovereign and good plan for our lives.  I pray though, that the plan is that one or both of these embabies would grow and become our real children here on this earth.  God I just don't know that I have the strength to handle the disappointment if I'm not pregnant, and we do not have a baby from this IVF cycle.  It just seems too much to bear.  Please God, let me pregnant.

"but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." - Isaiah 40:31