Life Lately v.1

This first edition of Life Lately is the New Home edition.

1    I hosted a baby shower for my oldest "adult" friend (my first friend I met out of college!) and her sweet baby girl.  Hosting an event is a sure fire way to make sure the living area of your house is all put together.

2    The non-living area of my house...another story.  Everyone keeps saying, it looks like you've lived here for years, to which my response is don't go upstairs, downstairs or open any closed doors ha!

3    The vast majority of my clothes are either still in plastic bags or sprawled all over the floor because I figure, when am I ever going to have my ENTIRE wardrobe out in full view? Nothing is going back in until it's been tried on, hence why a month later this is what my office/closet looks like...

4    When we moved into our new house, the one and only piece of furniture I said we HAD to buy was a King bed.  But I refuse to pay $1000 for an upholstered bed frame because I know I could make myself (famous last words), so we've been sleeping on the floor and I'm kind of getting sick of it.  Good thing my mom and I are building a sweet, new upholstered bed frame this weekend! {praise hands}

5    Look at our charming front porch.  Isn't it just dying for someone to curl up with a book and a glass of wine?? Too bad it's 100 degrees and 1000% percent humidity.  Please Fall, come soon!

Happy Monday!