Birthdays, Turning 29, and Other Musings

Here we are, 1 hour left in my 29th birthday.  A day spent pretty much like every work day - in meetings ALL day (my co-workers super appreciated my phone buzzing all day, thanks friends!) - except for all the desserts I may or may not have eaten all day...including this Shake Shack Lower East Side custard I am currently consuming in's my birthday, no judgement.

Today was full of love (from afar) and routine and risk and peace.  And I'm hoping we have fun news soon, but if not, we're still off to Italy on Thursday which is pretty amazing.  I'm not where I thought I'd be, but I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and I know that God's plan is better than everything I dream up all day.

In all this introspection I decided I wanted to come up with a new 30 before 30 list because I lost my old one somewhere in the blog universe when I switched over to Squarespace...and I like making lists.  Lots and lots of lists.  While searching for said list, I found an old 101 in 1001 list from 3 years ago which was a fun and interesting to glimpse into the mind of that newly married gal - what my priorities were, what I have accomplished and what I no longer care about, and a few things that got moved over into this much more reasonable, fun list.

So here's to one last year of 20's and going out with a bust!

Another Delightful 30 Before 30 List (graphic to come)

  1. Learn how to create a proper flower arrangement

  2. Go camping

  3. Send snail mail birthday cards to friends and family for one year

  4. Go off the map (no computer, cell phone, internet or television for one weekend)

  5. Go for a weekend getaway with my best girlfriends to celebrate our 30th birthdays (eek!)

  6. Read 30 books

  7. Learn how to intelligently talk about wine

  8. Play 18 holes of golf

  9. Read the Bible through in a year

  10. Organize my recipes and put together a book of my favorites

  11. Start blogging consistently (at least 3 times a week)

  12. Grow Isn’t That Delightful into a business where I can stay home when we have kids

  13. Do a 5 minute plank

  14. Do the Contentment Challenge - No shopping for 3 months

  15. And after that, follow the 1-in 1-out rule - every new item replaces an older item

  16. Visit NYC at Christmas

  17. Perfect my calligraphy

  18. Pay off all loans except mortgage

  19. Have a picnic somewhere fabulous

  20. Print photo books for each year of our marriage

  21. Throw a wine tasting dinner party

  22. Have a "tourist" day in Cincinnati

  23. Get family pictures done with the 3 of us while we're still a "3 of us"

  24. Tour the Biltmore

  25. Cook 30 new meals

  26. Host a dinner party

  27. Do a boudoir shot to celebrate to remember...

  28. Getting in the best shape of my life before I...

  29. Get pregnant!

  30. And buy one more fabulous handbag before the baby spending takes over.